Production facility

The ASA environment-friendly production facility

It is only by using renewable energy that it will be possible to cover the ever increasing energy needs while at the same time maintaining the balance in the ecological system. Mankind must commence sustainable development in the 21st century if it is not to seriously endanger the environment in which it lives.

From an ecological point of view, this means remembering in all fields of development that non-renewable resources are limited and that the ecosystems only have a limited capacity to take up waste and emissions, and adjusting all approaches to these considerations. Renewable energy can make a major contribution to the solution of these problems. It can cover a multiple of the world's future energy requirements in a manner that is ecologically sustainable, thereby eliminating many of the causes of the hazards and risks described above.

For this reason ASA is intensively involved in the field of renewable energy.

Energy at ASA is supplied by the following systems: