Outdoor test bench

ASA collectors are thoroughly tested on the company’s own test bench.
Our collectors must withstand rain, hail, long-term exposure and even extreme wind tunnel conditions (outdoor systems) – for it is only then that we can be sure that you too will have years of untroubled delight with your ASA collectors.

Technical description

The ASA outdoor test bench is beyond doubt Europe’s largest testing facility operated by a collector manufacturer. Around the measurement centre equipped with state-of-the-art measurement technology, an office and laboratory container with a performance measurement bench and two identical solar systems for collector field comparison tests, the following testing equipment is installed on an area of around 800 m2 and linked to the measurement centre by means of an underground network:

  • Tracker (a test bench that automatically follows the position of the sun).
  • A test bench with adjustable tilt.
  • Pneumatic stress and sprinkler bench with a closed water cycle.
  • Tiled test roof for testing roof installations.
  • 4 test benches for thermal siphon systems
  • 40 long-term test benches.
This equipment allows a large number of measurement tasks to be solved.
Climate data registration

Ambient temperature and solar radiation are automatically measured whenever the test bench is in operation.

Collector performance test to EN 12975-2

As an alternative to the indoor test bench, when weather conditions are appropriate, performance tests are carried out on the outdoor test bench, which naturally represents a considerable saving of electrical energy.

Collector quality test to EN 12975-2

Standardised internal quality tests to EN 12975-2 are carried out by GREENoneTEC as part of quality assurance for the release of new products or for the release of design changes, as well as for regular quality controls of series products, and comprise the following components:

Leak-proof tests of roof installations

Leak-proof test of the collector – sheet frame – roof covering system as a total system.

Glass transmission measurements

Glass transmission measurements using original-format glass panes are used to determine glass quality.

Collector field comparison tests

The solar yield of two collector fields of different design can be measured under realistic conditions by using two identical solar systems.

Thermal siphon system test to EN 12976-2