TS 300-Thermal siphon


Highest yield is being guaranteed by the perfect combination of high-efficiency solar collectors (using GREENHEAT technology with vacuum coated, ultrasonically welded full face absorbers) and newly developed double jacket tanks (Pat. pend.). The closed loop system avoids scaling problems and supports the operation even under freezing conditions.The aesthetic design of the product perfectly covers all water pipes and the expansion tank. Additionally, all cold and warm water connections are being integrated harmonically within the stand.

TS 300-Thermal siphon


2.1 Housing

Frame from saltwater-proof aluminium profiles

Rear panel: Stucco aluminium 0,6 mm

2.2 Absorber

Highly selectively coated sheet copper.

Absorption: 95% +/- 2%
Emission:  5% +/- 3 %

2.3 Transparent Cover

4 mm low-iron solar glass, tempered.

2.4 Insulation

50 mm mineral wool.

2.5 Tank

Material: Ceramic tank in a steelcase 2,5 mm
Coating: Double enamel
Fittings: 3/4"
Insulation: 50 mm PU insulation
Exterior cover: Aluminium sheet

3. TECHNICAL data -TS 300

Overall area [mē] 4
Tank capacity [l] 300
Stand Aluminium profiles
Covers Aluminium sheets
Safety valve YES
Protection anode YES
Electric booster Optional
Max. operating pressure 6 bar 
Weight (empty)
Absorber capacity (l)

2,8 l

Mounting angle 40°
Max. width 2.380 mm
Max. length 2.180 mm
Max. height 2.000 mm

Coating versions
- Absorber

High selective vacuumcoated
Absorption: 95,0% +/-2%
Emission: 5,0% +/-3,0%