IFK-Facade collector


The collector facade is a framework construction that is made up of several prefabricated solar thermal collectors. The collector’s surface can be integrated into the building's facade, regardless of design, without rear thermal ventilation.

Simple and affordable assembly:
To make assembly both simple and affordable (finished collectors), a new assembly system was developed that no longer requires the individual parts of the collector to be assembled on-site. The collector is attached to the wall with a special supporting frame. The first collector is placed on this frame, the frame is hooked into the slot and attached to the wall. Using this system, any number of panels can be mounted above and next to one another.

Connecting the absorbers to one another:
The absorbers are connected to one another during assembly using stainless steel corrugated pipes. The collector is designed in such a way that each individual collector module can be accessed independently for repair work without having to take apart the entire collector panel.

Optical features:
There are matching two strips that hold the glass in place: the lower one secures the glass and the top one is only for decoration. They come in all RAL colours and are mounted at the very end. One special advantage is that all of the glass cover strips are the same width.

VRK-Vacuum tube collector


2.1 Module dimensions

Max. size: 2000 x 5000
Height: 120 mm
(tolerance of the outer dimensions +/- 2mm)

The size of the modules is also tailored to individual customer needs.

Installation angle: 80-90°, other installation angles possible following technical testing.
Thermally separated aluminum frame.

Wooden or aluminium rear panel with diffusion barrier, optional fire protection (Promat).

2.2 Absorbers

Full-face absorbers with GREENdesign, header tubes and register tubes are hard-soldered and welded to the absorber by means of ultrasonics.

Header tubes: 22x0,8 mm
Manifolds: 8x0,5 mm
Copper sheet: vacuum-coated 0,2 mm
Connections: flat-sealing DM22-1" screw couplings

2.3 Cover

4 mm low-iron solar glass, tempered

Glass sizes up to a maximum of 1000 x 2000 x 6 mm standard (larger sizes only following testing by a structural engineer).
Glass thicknesses: Standard 4 mm, other glass thicknesses conditional upon legal requirements.
Transmission: >90,8% +/- 2%
Pane sealant: UV-resistant EPDM sealant-Shore 70

The thickness of the glass selected is dependent on the wind load and has to be calculated individually for each system by a local structural engineer (calculations in accordance with ÖNORM B 3721, etc.).

2.4 Insulation

50 mm thick mineral wool board or 9 mm thick edge insulation with black glass fleece (with no gas emissions).

Thermal conductivity 0,045 W/mK
Gross density 50 - 80 kg/m³

2.5 Other

The plastic clips for the header pipes are made of black plastic that is reinforced with fibreglass.
They create a thermal separation to the tray.

Type plate: UV-resistant, weatherproof silver polyester sticker.

Attachment: The design of the attachments depends on what the wall is made of, taking into account the maximum wind load set by the standard depending on the height of the building.

The local structural engineer must ensure proper design of the wall mounts and must select the glass thickness which is initiated by the developer..


Weight [kg]: 30 kg/m>2

highly selective absorber coating

Absorption 95,0 % +/- 2%
Emission 5,0 % +/- 2,0 %

Other data:

Stagnation temperature: 180o C plus temperature ambient
Max. operating pressure: 10 bar
Design approval No: TÜV 02 - 328 - 083
Heat transfer medium: Propylene glycol-water mixture