VRK-Vacuum tube collector

VRK-Vacuum tube collector


A special modular mounting system was developed for the series which makes it possible to realise standalone and roof-mounted solutions with equal ease.

Maximum efficiency is ensured irrespective of the sunlight's angle of incidence. The shape of the reflector corresponds with the form of the vacuum tube to achieve maximum efficiency. A mirror/absorber geometry was realised which brings about optimal concentration of the solar energy.


2.1 Housing

Profiles: Saltwater-proof aluminium profiles
Material: AlMgSi 0,5 F22

2.2 Covering of collecting line

Extruded and anodized aluminium profiles

2.3 Absorber

Header tubes: 18 x 1,0 mm
Manifolds: 8 x 0,5 mm;
Absorber: Aluminium 0,3 mm
Connections: Flat-sealing 3/4" DM 18 screw couplings

2.4 Insulation

Absorbers are insulated by the vacuum tube, headers are insulated by mineral wool.

2.5 Vacuum tube

Material: Borosilicate glass
O.d./i.d./wall thickness of tube: 47 mm x 37 mm x 1,5 mm
Length of tube: 1520 mm
Weight of tube:

1,2 kg

2.6. Parabolic mirror

High gloss PVD coated parabolic mirror.
Reflectance: approx. 95%

2.7. Other

Type plate: UV-proof and weatherresistant silverployester sticker
Packing: The collectors are screwed to each other (max. 9 pieces, depending on dimensions) standing in a package.


Number of tubes:  10  14
Overall area [m] 1,84 2,57
Absorber area [m] 1,69 2,36
Aperture area [m] 1,60 2,23
Dimensions [mm]:
Length 1120 1560
Width 1647 1647
Height 107 107
Overall collector weight [kg] 31 42
Absorber capacity [l] 1,63 2,27
Selective Coating

High selective vacuum coating

Absorption 96,0 +/- 1%
Emission 6,0  +/- 1,0 %
Stagnation temperature: max. 270C
Max. operating pressure: 10 bar
Design approval No.: TV 02 - 228 - 744