IDMK 2,5-Integrated roof collector


The IDMK series is designed to be integrated into the roof.

The full-face absorber is laid in a wooden frame, embedded on a 50 mm thick mineral wool plate. The basic an expansion modules enabel a wide range of installation options.

IDMK 2,5-Integrated roof collector

2. TECHNICAL data-series IDMK

2.1 Housing-wooden frame

Material: wooden frame with aluminium profiles
Thickness: top 30 mm; side 25 mm
Rear Panel: Plywood board (4 mm)

The rugged rear panel is glued or clamped together with the wooden frame.

2.2 Absorber

Full-face copper absorber; headers and manifolds are hard soldered and ultrasonically welded with the absorber sheet.

Header tubes: 22x0,8 mm
Manifolds: 8x0,5 mm
Copper sheet: High selective vacuum coated 0,2 mm
Connections: Flat-sealing DM 22-1" screw couplings


2.3 Cover sheet

4 mm low-iron solar glass, tempered

Transmission: > 90,8% +/- 2%
Glass dimensions:

2040 x 1200

Weight: 24 kg
Covering strip: powder coated

2.4 Insulation

Mineral wool plate, 50 mm thickness with black fleece cover.

Thermal conductivity: 0,045 W/mK
Density: 50 - 80 kg/m

2.5 Other

Rubber profile: UV and acid resitant (EPDM-black).

Type plate: UV resistant and weather-proof silver-polyester sticker.

Packaging: The collectors are screwed to each other (One packing unit= 9 collectors)


Gross area [m] 2,55
Net area [m] 2,28
Aperture area [m] 2,31
Dimensions [mm]:
Length 2057
Width 1238
Height 116
Weight [kg]: 54
Content [l]: 1,35

High selective absorber sheet coating

Absorption 95,0 % +/- 2%
Emission 5,0 % +/- 2,0 %


Stagnation temperature: 180o C plus temperature ambient
Max. operating pressure: 10 bar
Design approval No.: TV 02 - 328 - 083
Heat transfer medium: Propylene glycol-water mixture