FK 6300-Frame collector


The FK6000 series of aluminium frame collectors form a quality class of their own among the types available on the market.
A core feature of the FK6000 design is silicone-free sealing of the solar safety glass cover. The seal is protected by a cover strip which in addition provides for positive locking of the solar pane. Stand-alone, roof-integrated and roof-mounted solutions can be realised with ease by means of a proven modular mounting system. FK 6300-Frame collector


2.1 Housing Aluminium frame

Aluminium frame

Material: Aluminium - AIMg3
Color: aluminium or anodized according specification
Rear panel: stucco-sheet

2.2 Absorber

Full-face absorber; headers and manifolds are hard soldered and ultrasonically welded to the absorber sheet.
Highly selectively coated sheet copper 0,2 mm

Header tubes: 22x0,8 mm
Manifolds:   8x0,5 mm
Copper sheet: High selective vacuum coated 0,2 mm
Connections: Flat-sealing DM 22-1"screw couplings 


2.3 Transparent cover

4 mm low-iron solar glass, tempered


Light transmittance of glass: > 90,8% +/- 2%

Pane dimensions LxW [mm]:

2040 x 1200

Sealing of glass:

Continuously vulcanized

 (UV-proofed EPDM-rubber frame shore 70)


2.4 Insulation

50 mm mineral wool.

Heat conductivity: 0,045 W/mK
>Gross density: 50 - 80 kg/m


2.5 Other

Fixing of outlets: Fixings of manifolds are made from fibre reinforced plastic and form a thermic separation to the trough.

Type plate: UV-proof and weatherresistant silverpolyester-sticker.

Packing: According to our customer's demands we wrap single collectors or deliver on palettes.



Overall area [m] 2,53
Absorber area [m] 2,35
Aperture area [m] 2,42
Dimensions [mm]:
Length 2065
Width 1225
Height 103
Overall collector weight [kg]: 47
Absorber capacity [l]: 1,7
Absorber coating:

high selective vacuum coating

Absorption 95,0 % +/- 2%
Emission 5,0 % +/- 2,0 %
Stagnation temperature: 180o C plus temperature ambient
Max. operating pressure: 10 bar
Design approval No.: TV 02 - 328 - 083
Heat transfer medium: Polypropylene glycol / water mixture